The NEW fresh.

These days, faux is no longer your grandmother’s fake flowers! Find out below the benefits of using faux florals for your big day.


Ready before you wedding date.

For those brides who like to be prepared, faux florals are perfect for you! Have theses all ready before your wedding date and worry about other priorities on the days leading up to your big day. With us, you are able to receive your bouquets a week before your wedding.

Low maintenance.

You will never have to worry about making sure your flowers are kept watered throughout the day or them wilting in the heat or sun.

Wide selection anytime of the year.

For those who love a certain flower, but may not be in season at that time of your wedding- faux florals are a great solution. We have many different varieties of blooms and colour choices to make your dream bouquet.


A lot of people tend to shy away from silk flowers with the worry that they look too fake. We use only the highest quality silks and real touch florals and greenery to make your bouquets look and feel real. Everyone may have to take a second look (and feel!)

Sturdy & durable.

No squishing or breaking during transport or water splashing everywhere. Take them on a suitcase to a destination wedding. Imagine all the places your bouquet could go!


After your big day, you have the option to take apart your bouquet and make an arrangement for your home or a wreath for your front door. You are always able to change it up too!

Lasts Forever.

Faux florals in your bouquet, if taken care of properly are meant to last forever. It will always remind you of your big day and bring back great memories.